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Wild West Town is a game on Facebook and Kongregate, developed by Clipwire Games. Players tend livestock and crops while building a thriving town and helping out neighboring towns.

Feel free to make pages with links for Kongregate gifts, or post your Facebook username to get friends to send gifts.

BIG NEWS (June 28): Clipwire has changed the link formatting and previously entered links no longer work. PLEASE RE-DO YOUR PAGE so that it has the new links. If you don't already have a page but enjoy using this wiki, take this opportunity to make a new page.




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July 29th, 2012. Added timestamps functionality - now you can see the age of the links' last update. Please read the instructions. --FMF (talk) 14:33, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

New Link Format

Since June 28 2012 Clipwire has changed the format of the gift links and hence the old ones do not work anymore, I've made new templates for the new links - New users can make a new page:

existing users please read the following instructions on reuploading your links.
Currently 112 users have switched to the new templates.

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