The Amazon

Amazon Settlement Questline

????? → The Amazon Beckons → Welcome to the Amazon → Amazon Munchies! → Amazon Cooking → Cold Night in the Amazon → Staying Dry in the Amazon → Treehouse Coming Up! → Treehouse Time! → Finishing the Treehouse → Jungle Attire! → Amazon Breakfast → Amazon Corn! → Amazon Animals → Amazon Animal Pen → Inside the Animal Pen → Amazon Expedition! → ?????


Quest Log Header
Treehouse Coming Up!
You'll need somewhere to sleep in the Treehouse and that means fashioning a hammock out of Rope. You'll also need some sturdy nails if you want the Treehouse to stay together.
Hint click on the Gift Shoppe and request Nails and Rope from your friends. Click the "Give Nails" and "Give Rope" buttons on this quest menu.
Quest Task Box
Blank   Give Amini Rope for hammocks
Quest Task Box
Blank   Give Amini Nails for hammocks

Other information:

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