We need a portal to link to lots of different parent articles with links to all the orphan articles around so that people can find them. I just made this, with some useful information, but new players will have a hard time finding it if things stay like this. I'd do it myself except I can't edit the main page. By the way, the categories are all fucked up and retarded, to use the technical term. -- 09:47, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

New Admin for the Wiki Edit

moved discussion to Forum:New Admin for the Wiki --FMF 20:32, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

List of crops Edit

Hey I'm new to this, and this is probably the wrong place, but we need a good crop list page with wither times. If you point me to that then I'll start mining for information from my friends!Scififan1234 03:16, April 22, 2014 (UTC)

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