Jack O'Lantern

Halloween Questline

????? → Halloween Costumes → Anastasia's Halloween Plans → Spooky Foods → Witches Brew → Halloween Pumpkins → Snack Size Fun → Jack O'Lanterns → Messy Pumpkins Seeds → Carving Your Pumpkin → The Glowing Maw → Your Spooky Jack O'Lantern → Halloween Spirit


Wild West Town
Quest Log Header
Spooky Foods
Anastasia doesn't have time to dress up, Halloween is always a busy night in the Saloon and she needs some stock for the night.
Hint Click the "Give Corn", "Give Squash" and "Give Cucambers" buttons on this quest menu.
Quest Task Box
Corn   Give Anastasia the Prize-Winning Corn
Quest Task Box
Cucumber   Give Anastasia the Prize-Winning Cucambers
Quest Task Box
Squash   Give Anastasia the Prize-Winning Squash

Other information:

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