New Years Questline

????? → New Years Setup → Balloon Decorating → Party Balloons → Appetizing Appetizers → Steak Filling → Boilin' Water → Guest Seating → Personal Invites → New Year's Cleanup → Party Guests → Excited Orphans → Hungry Orphans → Happy New Year!


Wild West Town
Quest Log Header
New Years Setup
Brian needs some Rope and Paint for the decorations he's making. If he doesn't get them, who knows how things would turn out.
Hint Click on the Gift Shoppe and request Rope from yor friends. Click the "Give Paint" and "Give Rope" buttons on this quest menu.
Quest Task Box
Paint   Give Brian Paint for the decorations
Quest Task Box
Rope   Give Brian Paint for the decorations

Other information:

2 of each

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