St. Patrick's Day Questline

????? → Crafting Horseshoes → Cooling the Horseshoes → Hangin' Horseshoes → Chicken And Little → Old Fashioned Defense → Sheriff on Call → Hangem's Hysterics → Busy Saloon Day → Mayor's Pot of Gold → Just Superstition → Night of the Leprechauns → Firey Hair → Little Trouble → Leprechaun Livestock → Escape the Leprechauns → The Leprechaun King → Leprechaun Gift → Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Leprechaun Grove/Wild West Town
Quest Log Header
Leprechaun Gift
The Leprechaun King is amused by your honesty and has decided to let you keep the Magic Pot of Gold if you never come back to the Leprechaun Grove again.Head back to town and destroy the map!
Hint Click the green Back to Town button to return to town. Click the Multi-Tool and select Put Into Inventory, then click on the Map to Leprechaun Road.
Quest Task Box
Map to Leprechaun Grove   Store the Map to Leprechaun Grove in your inventory

Other information:

lack of space between "again.Head" and "Leprechaun Road" are in the game

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