Jack O'Lantern

Halloween Questline

????? → Halloween Costumes → Anastasia's Halloween Plans → Spooky Foods → Witches Brew → Halloween Pumpkins → Snack Size Fun → Jack O'Lanterns → Messy Pumpkins Seeds → Carving Your Pumpkin → The Glowing Maw → Your Spooky Jack O'Lantern → Halloween Spirit


Wild West Town
Quest Log Header
Halloween Costumes
Brian's made himself a very realistic criminal costume and hangem wants on of his own. Grow him the Cotton he needs to make a costume for Halloween.
Hint Buy Cotton crops from the crops tab of the marketplace. Click on them when readied to harvest.
Quest Task Box
Cotton   Plant 2 Cotton Crops to make hangem's Costume
Quest Task Box
Cotton   Harvest 2 Cotton Crops to make hangem's Costume

Other information:

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