Fire Station


The Fire Station can be purchased from the buildings tab of the shop.
  • It costs   3250 Gold     350 Supplies
  • Requires ? clicks - Each click costs   ? Energy    ? Supplies

Ingame DescriptionEdit

Helps you put out fires much more easily and quickly!
Each friend you hire will put out another fire for you.
Fireman (Ranger Chip)


The Fire Station cames with Ranger Chip as the Fire chief.
You can hire 5 additional friends as fire fighters. each one will extinguish a single fire (started by bandits)


Clicking on the Fire station will give 2 options:
  1. Recruit - opens a window to view your staff and get the hiring link (if not fully staffed)
  2. Dispatch - each firefighter will go to a fire and put it out.

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