Ingame DescriptionEdit

Cook recipes with all sorts of benefits for your town! Grow crops, ready your livestock, and other helpful effects!


The Cook House can be purchased from the buildings tab of the shop.
  • It costs   100 Gold     25 Supplies
  • Requires 4 clicks - Each click costs   1 Energy    16 Supplies


Light Breakfast
Light Breakfast - Instantly Waters All Dry Crops +5 xp
3 Eggs, 1 Prize Winning Beans
Quick Lunch
Quick Lunch - 30 xp
2 Mutton Chop, 2 Prize Winning Corn
Healthy Breakfast
Healthy Breakfast - Grows All Crops By 1 Hour
1 Milk, 1 Prize Winning Wheat, 2 Pork Chop
Tasty Supper
Tasty Supper - 60 xp
2 Prize Winning Radish, 2 Prize Winning Corn, 3 Milk
Healthy Harvester
Healthy Harvester - Instantly Harvest All Ready Crops
1 Prize Winning Pumpkin, 1 Prize Winning Barley
Big Lunch
Animal Feed - Instantly Feeds All Livestock
6 Prize Winning Corn, 5 Milk, 1 Prize Winning Potatoes
Healthy Snack
Healthy Snack - Instantly Refills All Energy
2 Prize Winning Carrots, 1 Milk, 1 Eggs
Western Feast
Western Feast - Instantly Ages All Crops By 2 Days
2 Prize Winning Potatoes, 2 Prize Winning Beans, 6 Prize Winning Wheat

Pleasures Of Life - Double Energy Refill
3 Prize Winning Hops, 5 Prize Winning Tobacco, 1 Bison Steak

Big Lunch
Big Lunch - Makes All Crops Wither Proof, And Restores Already Withered Crops!
2 Mutton Chop, 1 Pork Chop, 1 Prize Winning Pepper

Ravenous Critter Feed - Make Cows, Horses, Donkey, Buffalo Hungry Again
3 Prize Winning Cotton, 2 Prize Winning Radish, 5 Prize Winning Tomatoes

Hungry Critter Feed - Make Chicks, Cats, Dogs, Pigs, And Sheep Hungry Again
4 Prize Winning Cucumber, 4 Prize Winning Squash, 2 Prize Winning Tobacco

Honey Tea - Instantly Grants 6 Energy!
3 Water, 2 Honey

Sugar Rush - +8 Energy
3 Black Candy, 3 Orange Candy, 3 Red Candy

Western Feast
Chef's Secret - Reduces Cooking Timers by 12 Hours!
1 Prize Winning Purple Grapes, 1 Prize Winning Red Pepper

Master Chef's Secret - Reduces Cooking Timers by 24 Hours!
2 Prize Winning Purple Grapes, 2 Prize Winning Red Pepper

Oily Tortillas
Oily Tortillas - Gives +20 Oil!
10 Prize Winning Corn, 1 Prize Winning Yellow Pepper, 2 Prize Winning Tomatoes
Grape Oil Surprise
Grape Oil Surprise - Gives +40 Oil!
3 Prize Winning Cotton, 3 Prize Winning Green Grapes, 2 Water

Sweet Valentines - +6 Energy
3 Heart Shaped Candy

Shamrock Shake - +6 Energy
3 Shamrock

Easter Chocolate - +6 Energy
3 Easter Egg

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