St. Patrick's Day Questline

????? → Crafting Horseshoes → Cooling the Horseshoes → Hangin' Horseshoes → Chicken And Little → Old Fashioned Defense → Sheriff on Call → Hangem's Hysterics → Busy Saloon Day → Mayor's Pot of Gold → Just Superstition → Night of the Leprechauns → Firey Hair → Little Trouble → Leprechaun Livestock → Escape the Leprechauns → The Leprechaun King → Leprechaun Gift → Happy St. Patrick's Day!

New Years Questline

????? → New Years Setup → Balloon Decorating → Party Balloons → Appetizing Appetizers → Steak Filling → Boilin' Water → Guest Seating → Personal Invites → New Year's Cleanup → Party Guests → Excited Orphans → Hungry Orphans → Happy New Year!

Jack O'Lantern

Halloween Questline

????? → Halloween Costumes → Anastasia's Halloween Plans → Spooky Foods → Witches Brew → Halloween Pumpkins → Snack Size Fun → Jack O'Lanterns → Messy Pumpkins Seeds → Carving Your Pumpkin → The Glowing Maw → Your Spooky Jack O'Lantern → Halloween Spirit

The Amazon

Amazon Settlement Questline

????? → The Amazon Beckons → Welcome to the Amazon → Amazon Munchies! → Amazon Cooking → Cold Night in the Amazon → Staying Dry in the Amazon → Treehouse Coming Up! → Treehouse Time! → Finishing the Treehouse → Jungle Attire! → Amazon Breakfast → Amazon Corn! → Amazon Animals → Amazon Animal Pen → Inside the Animal Pen → Amazon Expedition! → ?????

The Arctic

Arctic Settlement Questline

????? → Snowy Greenhouse → Warmer Crops → Clearing More Land → Arctic Harvest → Sharing the Veggies → Sled Dog → Feed the Runt → Right as Rein → Crop Transport → Quality Crops → Hitching the Delivery → Heavy Crates → Settling the Settlement → Boone's Safety → Stuck in the Storm → Marcy's Return → Arctic Blaze → Marcy's Distraction → Marcy's Gone → Frigtened Animals → Grumpy Nanuk → Imposter Bear! → Bear-Napped! → Rescue Party. → ?????

==Questline MapEdit

A Friendly(?) Challenge!Time to Sit a SpellSorting Out the TownTime to Farm This Town.Getting Ready for the WellConstructing the WellFinishing the WellA Sprinkle of WaterWatering Your Carrots ↓ new questline?
I'm Banking on itTime to Bank One Bank! ↓ ↓
Getting Ahead Means Hard Work!
Nigel's Harvest: Peppers!
Ye Olde Gifte ShoppeFinishing Yonder ShoppeEnergizing the Neighbors!The Joy of RecievingNeighboring Supply Routes!Oiling Down the NeighborsHydrating the NeighborsSeeding for the NeighborsDecorating the Neighborhood → new questline? → Orchards in Sight Nigel's Harvest: Wheat!Nigel's Harvest: Radishes!Nigel's Harvest: Tobacco!
Tired of Cold BeansCook-House on DeckCook-House Finishing TouchesBreakfast Is Covered, Now For Dinner!Being Neighborly → new questline? → Black GoldRunning the Rig!Strike Oil, Strike Big!
We Need Better Eats!Hungry Hungry ChicksBanking With BeautyPruning Makes a Difference!A Home on the Range?A Dog Needs a Home → ?????

Surveyor Sam Questline?Edit

????? → A Meal For DaisyExtreme Home-Makeover, Daisy EditionDusting Off the TownIf There's Grass on the Field...Jed Rains on the ParadeFeedin' Those Critters!Jed Is All Fired Up!Repairs In a HurryThe Surveyor Returns END OF QUESTLINEExpanding Your Holdings

Expanding Your HoldingsEdit

Expanding Your HoldingsFinishing Your Office The Calm Before... You Know → ?????
(NEW QL?)Pokey And AnastasiaJoining The Fun] → The Passing StrangerPoker With the SheriffMysterious Mornings (Talk to Nigel & Daisy) → Soothing AnastasiaA Story By the FireKitchen MemoriesA Bitter BossLittle Willy → ?????

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