• FMF


    June 19, 2012 by FMF

    These are the templates I made and are used in this wiki:

    • Template:NewDisplayItem - takes a specific item and displays it from all the users who are on it (and have a link for that specific item in their item page).
    • Template:GCC - acronym for 'Gift Conditional Code', it's the conditional code for Template:NewDisplayItem, I think it needs to be broken down to 2 or 3 seperate conditional codes because I suspect that checking for the highest value (which is only relevant for resources) will slow down the rendering of the page as more and more item pages will be added.

    • Template:KongGift - a template that displays all inputed items on the user's page
    • Template:KongGiftCond and Template:KongGiftCond2 - the 2 conditional codes forTemplate:KongGift - the…

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  • Ngrules

    Get From Me -

    6 Free Energy

    12 Free Water

    20 Free Supplies

    12 Free Oil

    Cherry Tree Seeds

    Apple Tree Seeds

    Give To Me -

    6 Energy Please

    12 Water Please 12 Oil Please

    EDIT: Added more oil and some tree seeds. Tell me if you want me to add more.

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